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POLE BARNS Middle TN – THE FAST STORAGE SOLUTION – Garage Builders near me

Pole barns have been around for hundreds of years. Initially invented to provide inexpensive storage solutions, pole barns have become a regular part of rural America’s barn culture today.

The name originated from the source material initially used to build these barns – telephone poles. They were readily available during the early 1900s when the economy was weak, and most farmers could not afford standard framing materials.

Pole Barns

Advantages of pole barn construction

  • Material and labor savings – no elaborate foundations needed. Each pole that set in the ground has a foundation beneath it, but it is not continuous from pole to pole, thus offering potentially large savings in concrete and labor depending upon the size of your out buildings.
  • Design flexibility -Because of the way the structure supports itself, Tennessee pole barns offer enormous flexibility when it comes to configuring walls, doors, and windows.
  • It can be built with or without a permanent floor – Many pole buildings are just a roof over a dirt floor. If your needs are simple – a place to work on your cars or store a tractor- a dirt floor may be fine. But if you need something more substantial – something to keep out the weather – that is easy to do as well.
  • Finish it over time – One of the great advantages of pole barn construction is that once you get the basic building completed (poles in the ground and a roof), you can finish the outside and inside as the budget allows.
  • Add a concrete floor
  • Finish 1 wall or all 4, depending upon your needs

  • Place doors and windows wherever you need them

  • Do it yourself or let VolBuild, LLC, come back and complete the work for you.

While it may sound simple to build, it actually requires a great deal of skill to construct these buildings properly. Some contractors may not take the time to set the poles at the proper depth, use the correct amount of concrete for the footings and ensure the building is square and level – something that is absolutely necessary if you intend to come back and finish it at a later time.

Volbuild, LLC, has the experience and the qualified trades to complete any size pole building you desire, and we get it right the first time. With over 25 years of combined experience in the building industry, we are prepared to meet any challenge in residential construction, and we guarantee your satisfaction when we are through.

Telephone Pole Barn Resources for DIYers:- How To Build A Telephone Barn

Telephone Pole Barn Plans



Concrete by the yard. We cut our teeth in the construction industry pouring basements, sidewalks, patios, and driveways. We can pour the floor in your pole building or tear out an old, crumbly driveway and replace it with a new one. VolBuild, LLC, will make sure your finished product is built to your specifications, built on-time and delivered on budget.

Many contractors will cut corners on concrete projects, and you may not notice for a few years. What are the big areas of concern?

  1. Proper preparation of the ground where the finished concrete will lay
  2. Allowing the form boards to move around while pouring, leaving you with ugly edges to deal with
  3. Not ordering enough concrete to do the job properly, which will leave you weak spots that will crack and break apart in a few years.
  4. Improper finishing techniques that can leave the surface of the concrete brittle and subject to flaking

At VolBuild, LLC, our professional concrete tradespeople have years of experience working on projects that range from a backyard sidewalk to thousands of square feet of finished floor area in a home or office. We know what we are doing, and we don’t take shortcuts. We won’t be learning on your job.


If a new home is going to have a deck, It has become standard practice to build it during the regular course of construction. However, many homeowners want to add more deck space to their house or even rebuild the deck that is there because it is old and worn out.

Today’s new deck materials are beautiful and come in a variety of materials. The most popular are:

  • Wood
  • Composite

  • PVC

The newer materials have warranties of up to 20 years or more and are available with a complete array of options that make the deck as beautiful and comfortable as sitting inside your home. But properly constructing and finishing a deck today is an art form and requires a great deal of knowledge in the areas of structural integrity and fastener science. Building codes have changed regarding deck construction in recent years, and many contractors have not kept up with the change.

Deck Builder

Fortunately, deck construction is high on the list of projects that VolBuild, LLC completes regularly. This means we know what fasteners and brackets are required by code to maintain the structural soundness of your deck, and we always to build to code – or better. These practices ensure that your fabulous deck will still look fabulous years from now when those constructed by less-experienced contractors will have started to come apart.



Fix and flip is an area of residential new construction that most builders won’t go near. We have developed a niche market in investment properties that allows us to help investors buy undervalued properties that they can purchase, restore and then sell or rent. The ultimate goal is cashflow either in the form of monthly rental receipts or lump sum payouts at settlement.

This service can save an investor a great deal of money and time by eliminating the middle-men that are required to finish the home and get it back on the market. It is basically one-stop shopping for the house flipper.

Of course, if you just need help locating those types of properties, we offer that service as well.

Investment Properties


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