Kitchen and Bath Design Ideas for 2023

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing palace, kitchen, and bath design ideas are the two hottest areas trending in 2023. Though trends come and go, the kitchen and bathroom trends seem to outlast most other niche designs. Perhaps that is because so much attention is given to these areas by builders and homeowners, designers of kitchens and bathrooms, by necessity, put forth their best efforts here.

Newest Kitchen Trends in 2023

Kitchen Color Trends 2023

One area of kitchen design that is seeing a change is that of color. While white has been a traditional favorite, and for many still is, darker colors – like Navy Blue – as either accents or cabinet shades, will be more popular in 2023. Also, a mixture of two different colors on the cabinets has become popular in some kitchen designs.

Kitchen Countertop Trends 2022

Another trend taking shape is that of full-size backsplashes. In the past, the 4″-12″ backsplash was normal, but now we are seeing full slabs covering the walls above counters and behind the stove. Often these slabs are the same material and color as the countertops giving the kitchen the appearance of opulence – especially when quartz is the choice for countertops.

Kitchen Trends That Will Last

The single island in the middle of the kitchen has been a necessity for almost a decade. But now we are seeing the more open-design kitchens installing double islands to increase workspace area and functionality, making the island a focal point in the kitchen.

The farmhouse sink is still holding its own as a trendsetting idea in the kitchen. Its oversize dimensions and low front edge make it attractive and functional. But there are some new products on the market that incorporate metal inlay patterns that will certainly be in demand for years to come.

Other kitchen design ideas that will stand the test of time:

  • LED rope lighting

  • Small appliances

  • Touch-activated faucets

  • Drawers with deep pockets

  • Multiple small refrigerators in the kitchen

Bathroom Design Trends in 2023

Bathroom Tile Trends 2023

Until recently, bathroom tile trends have leaned toward the use of exotic colors and shapes, but 2023 will see the return of a more subdued palette of colors. The focus will now shift to textures and design styles rather than large splashes of color.

Bathroom Vanity Trends 2023

Console-style vanities are replacing the massive furniture-style vanities seen in the past. The biggest reason for this is space conservation. With many older home buyers looking to downsize, smaller bathrooms will need to be more space conscious. These console vanities are more of a frame with shelving than a solid piece of furniture, thus giving the room the illusion of having more space.

2023 Bathroom Colors

Even though tile colors may be toned-down in 2023, that doesn’t mean the walls have to be bland. Color is what pulls the entire design together in the bathroom and this year the popular colors trending are emerald green, burnt orange, and royal blue, to name a few. Some experts are still recommending a monochromatic color scheme with accents on the base and crown molding or just offsetting a plain black scheme with gold or chrome fixtures.

Bath design ideas that will stay the years:

  • Tile

  • Mirrors

  • Wood

  • Textures

  • Technology

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