Top 5 Items to Consider When Building a New House

Building a new home is a huge undertaking and for many, it will be the biggest project they ever tackle. There are hundreds of things to be considered before you can move in and the task can be overwhelming. Here’s a list of 5 items that need to be weighed before moving forward.

1. Make Sure You Have the Right Lot Picked Out

Choosing the right piece of land is an area that often gets overlooked, but it is one of the two things that absolutely will never change once you start:

  • You can’t move the lot or change it
  • You can’t move the house either

What kind of view do you want when you look outside of your kitchen or living room windows? Do you want extra space for a garden? Will you need a play area for children in the future? Will zoning be an issue in your future plans?

2. Emotional Preparation – Make Sure Your Relationship is House-Building Proof

The top stress-producing events in life include “moving to a new home.” When you build a new home, you are doubling the stress that would come with just a move. If this is your first home, you and your spouse need to sit down and discuss how the new life schedule will be handled during construction.

There will be times when one of you must be at the job site to answer questions and that may mean the other person has to pick up the kids or run other errands. There will be situations that require you to rework your normal schedule – and that may be a frequent occurrence. If you’ve discussed this in advance, you can make it through the process with fewer headaches.

3. Design Your Home For the Long Haul

Whatever your life-situation is when you build your home, there’s a good chance that it will change over time. You may have children (more children?), or you may have to take in a parent (or two). Do you have hobbies that might need their own space eventually? How about a home office when you finally start that business you’ve been thinking about? Sit down with a cup of coffee and try to see into the future. It can save you a lot of trouble – and money – down the road.

4. Be Prepared for Delays in the Building Timeline

Your contractor will give you an estimated schedule for the completion of your home, but some things are out of his or her hands.

  • Weather
  • Material availability
  • Health issues

Have a contingency plan for living accommodations should any extensive delays cause you to need temporary housing. Better safe than sorry.

5. New House Items – Small Things That Get Forgotten When Building a House

Some items tend to get left behind in the planning process for building your home. Don’t forget to give some thought to these:

  • How much closet space do you need?
  • Will you ever want to have a pool table?
  • Do you want dimmer switches and in which rooms?
  • Do you want kitchen lighting above and below the cabinets?
  • How high should the shower head be placed?

Building a new home is an incredibly exciting journey, and it is one that will leave fond memories for years to come. Careful planning, in the beginning, will ensure you arrive at the end of the process happy, healthy and excited to get back to normal.

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