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VolBuild, LLC surveyed men and women between the ages of 24-65 in the Pulaski, Lawrenceburg, and Fayetteville, Tennessee area, to see what concerns they had about building a new home or what things made them excited to get started on building their new home. Perhaps some of their answers will resonate with you!

Q: What has changed in your life to make you want a new custom home?

Their answers covered a wide swath of reasons. Some just wanted a little more space so that they could be comfortable, while others thought the economy was right for purchasing a new home. Many were excited about having the option again to choose a floor plan that they loved.

One of the reasons that many come to VolBuild, LLC, is our wide selection of open floor plans. Other builders may have a stock selection of out-dated plans that they offer, but we realize what today’s homeowners demand in design – open floor plans – and our selection is unmatched by our competition.

Price was an issue for some surveyed. Trying to find a pre-owned home in the price range they were looking for that included the options they found most-important, was very difficult. Building a new home to their specifications answered that problem.

Many builders don’t have the experience to utilize the most modern construction techniques that will both open up space in a home and reduce the overall cost of the project. VolBuild, LLC, has built over 100 homes and remodeled over a thousand homes. Our experience in implementing innovative designs in our new home projects sets us apart from the crowd of everyday builders.

A couple of individuals were thinking about the future and wanted a home built with multi-generational use in mind. Some wanted to downsize because they had become empty-nesters and needed less space, but a home customized to their new lifestyle. Finally, some were just tired of renting and wanted a place they could call their own.

VolBuild, LLC, rises to meet this challenge. While many builders use a one-size-fits-all approach, we differentiate ourselves by creating unique solutions tailored to the individual customer.

Q: What do you think is the biggest challenge to building a custom home?

Quite a few of the answers to this question dealt with concerns about the dependability of the builder – which is why these folks were looking to have VolBuild, LLC, build their new custom home. Here are a few concerns they expressed and why they came to us:

  • Getting everything right and making sure I’m satisfied
  • Getting the home builders Pulaski TN to correct any problems that may come up
  • Making everything satisfactory to all involved
  • Finding a builder with superior workmanship, no shoddy materials, and no cutting corners

Some folks said that the hard issue was finding a lot. VolBuild, LLC, can help with finding your lot also. We have connections with the local real estate professionals and will work hard to find the piece of property that fits your dreams and budget. We do everything possible to make building your dream home possible.

Some were concerned that they couldn’t find a builder that was interested in listening to their goals for the project – they just wanted to get started and get paid. Check out “The Process Page” on this site, and you’ll see another reason why people in the tri-county area love to deal with VolBjuild, LLC. We listen first.

One person said, “getting everything I want at a reasonable price!”

And this thought sums up most people’s feelings: envisioning what is needed and meeting the needs by communicating with the builder team.”

VolBuild, LLC, listens first. Your satisfaction is our number one goal.

Q: Whose advice do you trust when it comes to new home construction – who influences you?

While most of the answers to this question revolved around trusting family and friends, some put their faith in the realtors from the area and even other builder’s recommendations.

The bottom line is that folks want a referral from someone they trust – ideally someone that has dealt with the builder before. They also want to be able to see some finished projects.

VolBuild, LLC, run by Dave McMillan, can provide plenty of references that will set your mind at ease about choosing us to build your next new home.

Q: What do you need to see in a home builder in order to trust him?
  • Good reputation, good product
  • A very good track record
  • Honestness
  • Trustworthy, fair prices and workmanship
  • Good references, in business for a long time
  • Reputation. Attention to every detail. The quality of the home

We are proud of the reputation that we have built by consistently delivering trustworthy, superior service at a fair price. As we like to say – We try to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

The folks who answered our survey expressed the desire that most of us have:

  • To be treated fairly.

Let’s get together and discuss your new home project and see for yourself why your neighbors and friends have dealt with us over the years. Reach out to us at:931-371-2258

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