What Is The Best Home Warranty Company For You?

best home warranty tennessee
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When you purchased your new home, you probably got a home inspection which helped you identify, and have the seller repair, issues before closing. Every new homeowner hopes that this will be the end of any issues and prevent unexpected failures in your home’s systems and appliances. But we’ve all heard stories of the dishwasher that flooded the kitchen the day after closing; or the washing machine that stopped with a full load, or even the HVAC that gave up the ghost on the hottest day of the year. Anxiety about appliances or systems breaking down can keep you awake at night. So, what’s a homeowner to do?

best home warranty tennessee

How to Choose the Best Home Warranty for You

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best home warranty for your needs will depend on several factors. However, some general tips can help you choose the best home warranty for your situation:

  1. Do your research
    Before making any decisions, it is vital to research and compare different home warranty companies. Read reviews from other customers, compare prices and coverage options, and ensure you understand each policy’s terms and conditions.
  2. Choose a reputable company
    It is essential to choose a home warranty company that is reputable and has a good track record. Please ensure the company is licensed and accredited, and check out customer reviews to get an idea of their level of service.
  3. Consider your needs
    When choosing a home warranty, consider your specific needs and budget. Some policies may cover more than others, so selecting a plan that provides the coverage you need at a price you can afford is vital.

If you want to be sure your home’s systems and appliances are protected against unexpected failure and loss of function due to regular wear and tear, consider purchasing a home warranty. A home warranty is a service contract that pledges to pay the cost of repair or replacement of the covered systems or appliances. Home warranty plans engage service technicians to come out and repair or replace your broken appliance or system.

Because your homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover the failure of systems and appliances, you can find yourself unexpectedly footing the bill for really expensive repairs for which you have not budgeted. Even though it’s recommended that homeowners budget up to 4% of their home’s value towards annual maintenance, how many of us actually do that? We want to do it, but everyday expenses get in the way of actually achieving our goal. With a home warranty plan from a reputable company, you have reassurance that you are protected.

Since we depend on these systems to keep us comfortable, prepare our food, to keep our homes clean and safe it makes sense to insure them. With a home warranty plan, you get peace-of-mind knowing that you’re protected against everyday failure. Each of us wants reassurance that we are safeguarded when these essential systems and appliances break, because they will break. It’s a reality for every homeowner.

How long can you expect your appliances to last before they need repair?

According to Consumer Reports and based on a National Association of Home Builders/Bank of America Home Equity Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components, the average life expectancy of a major home appliance is between 9 and 15 years with some ranging up to 20 years. The home appliance you may expect to be the longest-lived is your thermostat at 35 years. Of course, the mechanical systems and appliances in your home may last longer than projected averages depending upon their use and your care of them as well as the environment in which they are installed.

ApplianceLife Expectancy
Dryers (electric and gas)13
Garbage Disposers12
Furnaces (electric warm air)15
Furnaces (gas warm air)18
Furnaces (oil warm air)20
Microwave Ovens9
Ranges (electric)13
Ranges (gas)15
Washing Machines10
Water Heaters (electric)11
Water Heaters (gas)10
Water Heaters (tankless)20+

What is the Best Home Warranty Company?

A home warranty gives homeowners and buyers more than peace of mind: it gives them access to professional home appliance, HVAC, or electricians to repair their depended-upon systems.

When choosing a warranty plan, be sure you read all the details of what is covered, when it’s covered and what may cause a warranty company not to provide a repair or replacement. Negligence and lack of regular maintenance will void your service contract with most home warranty companies. When an appliance that is old fails or when a system ceases to function due to age, you may only receive depreciated cost to replace it if it cannot be repaired. In the case of inability to repair, most warranties call for the company to replace the item with equivalent make/model. If this cannot be accomplished the company will usually provide cash in lieu of payment. For these reasons, it is very critical to read and review a sample contract so that you understand all the ins and outs of a home warranty contract. Be sure you know exactly what the plan you choose covers.

Warranties cover items for a specific term or amount of time, usually a year and are renewable. The cost for a plan varies depending on your state of residence as well as terms and conditions and particulars which are unique to the company providing your plan.

There’s no doubt that a home warranty is a valuable asset for any homeowner. But with so many companies and coverage options available, how do you choose the best home warranty?

At VolBuild, the best home warranty offers comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. We also provide a variety of customization options so that you can tailor your coverage to fit your specific needs.

When it comes to choosing a home warranty, there are a few essential factors to consider:

  • The types of coverage offered: Make sure the company you’re considering provides a range of the systems and appliances that are most important to you.
  • The length of the policy: Most home warranties last for one year, but some companies offer longer terms.
  • The deductibles and service fees can vary significantly from company to company, so be sure to compare apples to apples when making your decision.
  • The customer service rating: You’ll want to ensure you’re working with a company with a good reputation for taking care of its customers.
  • The company’s financial stability: This is important in case you need to file a claim. You’ll want to make sure the company will be able to pay out on any claims you may have.

Best Home Warranties of 2020: A Comprehensive Guide

If you think a home warranty is what you need, check out our list of companies who write these insurance policies designed to protect your home’s major appliances and mechanical systems. Learn what they offer, and how to get one in place to protect your home. These are widely considered the best home warranty companies Consumer Reports lists.

All-American Home Warranty: https://www.allamericanhomewarranty.com/

All-American Home Warranty touts their pre-qualified, local, community repair technicians, their 33 years in business as well as a deep commitment to their covered homeowners. They are a Veteran Owned Business and dedicate themselves to providing service according to the same values and pride upon which the United States was founded. The company provides coverage to customers in all areas except the New York City metro area, Alaska and Hawaii.

All-American Home Warranty insures your homes’ major systems and or your home appliances. These include systems such as plumbing, electrical, cooling, heating, and your refrigerator, microwave and other smaller appliances. They are on-call 24 hours a day, every day of the week. They offer flexible monthly payments; plans to fit your budget; replacements if something cannot be repaired and pledge their use of “local qualified service technicians.” The company offers you three options for a Trade Service Call Fee, either $75, $100 or $125 per service request.

Choose from their Household Appliances Plan which covers 10 appliances (refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, cooktops, and more) or their Major Systems Plan that covers 11 of your major systems (plumbing, HVAC, electrical and more). If you want more comprehensive coverage, ask them for pricing on their Combo Plan which gives you the best of both of their other plans.

To get started, you can request a free quote from AAHW’s website. All you have to do is give them your name, email, address, and other contact information and you can immediately see what your plan will cost. From here, you may purchase your plan. If you prefer, you may phone them at 888.603.6211.

When you need to request service, you simply visit their website and initiate a service request.

American Home Shield: https://www.ahs.com/

American Home Shield is the largest home warranty company with approximately 1.4 million customers over 49 states and handles millions of service calls annually. They are owned by ServiceMaster. They were founded in 1971 and were the first home warranty company and therefore created the market for this new type of coverage for homeowners. AHS has more than 16,000 contractors in their network. With their service, you pay your plan’s cost and when you put in a call for a repair, you pay a Trade Service Call Fee. You can think of this almost like a health insurance company’s co-pay. AHS has different amounts of Trade Service Call Fees ($75, 100, or $125). They recommend if you have an older home with older systems and appliances, that you choose a lower Trade Service Call Fee based on the expectation that you may have more service calls. You can start using your coverage 30 days after purchasing a plan. If you got a plan as part of your real estate closing, you have coverage immediately upon closing.

Plans offered by AHS cover your systems such as AC, heating, electrical, doorbells, smoke detectors, ceiling fans, plumbing, water heaters, garbage disposals, instant hot water dispensers, central vacuums. They also cover refrigerators, ranges / ovens / cooktops, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, built-in microwaves, trash compactors, freestanding ice makers, garage door openers, and built-in food centers. You can choose from a Systems Plan or an Appliance Plan or a Combo Plan. According to AHS, 70% of their customers choose a Combo Plan. They have add-ons that cover electronics, pools and spas, well pumps, septic pumps, and guest units.

Homeowners, Realtors, as well as Sellers may purchase coverage.

Visit the AHS website to review coverage plans and get a quote by inputting your contact information and home address. From the website, it’s easy to see what it costs and purchase a plan. When making a claim or call for service, you login to their customer portal and enter your request.

Choice Home Warranty: https://www.choicehomewarranty.com/

choice home warranty

Established in 2008, Choice Home Warranty founded by Victor Hakim who is also the company CEO, is one of the newer national home warranty plans available to homeowners, home sellers, buyers or Realtors. A distinctive feature of CHW is the use of dedicated teams to manage your issue rather than a random call-center representative. CHW refers to their plans as service contracts and specifically notes that their responsibility is to arrange for a qualified service contractor to repair or replace, at the company’s expense, the items covered in plans sold by them. According to CHW, “All of our top-rated service contractors are fully insured and licensed before undergoing our rigorous vetting process to ensure complete satisfaction in all home repairs.” Covered items are enumerated in their Terms Of Service Agreement. CHW will contact a service provider within 2-4 days, depending on the day of the week you initiate your request. A service fee of $85 per call is charged to you. Choice also expects customers to perform regular maintenance on covered systems and they specify that if you don’t do proper maintenance, you may void your service contract.

As with the other companies we have considered here, they cover all major systems and appliances. Plans available include those which cover HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems, water heaters, kitchen appliances including oven, range, stove, cooktop, dishwasher, and built-in microwave, garbage disposal, whirlpool bathtub, plumbing stoppage, garage door opener, exhaust fans, ceiling fans. A Total Plan adds in coverage for all of the previously named items plus air conditioning, refrigerators, clothes washers, and clothes dryers. If you have special systems such as pools or spas, central vacuums or septic systems, stand-alone freezers, or sump pumps, you can add coverage for these. They even offer coverage for roof leaks which is unique. You can tailor your plan to specific items.

To get a quote visit their Choice Home Warranty Get a Quote page, input your contact information, and address and home type. From here you can purchase your plan. To start a service request, CHW customers visit their website or may call a toll-free number, 888.531.5403.

CHW is widely considered the best home warranty Tennessee. The majority of the best home warranty companies in Tennessee are listed on this page. Choice is an extremely popular selection considering the value it offers and ease of use.

Cinch Home Services: https://www.cinchhomeservices.com/

Cinch Home Services, owned by The Cross Country Group, offers home protection plans which they say “help control the costs of appliance and system breakdowns.” Cinch has more than 40 years home industry experience and almost one million customers. One of the primary distinctions about Cinch is their desire to make things simple such as digital tools to help you no matter where you are. In 2020 the company won 18 Stevie AwardsⓇ for excellence in sales and customer service with a three-year total of 24 awards.

Cinch covers “refrigerators and ovens to washers, dryers and more”. Other plans don’t cover knobs, doors and drawers, which Cinch specifically says they cover. Usually the burden is on you to be aware of issues, but in the case of Cinch, they actually offer you a free water sensor to help detect leaks in the home. Cinch has even created a digital dashboard from which you may request service 24/7. From 180-day workmanship guarantee, to protection for unknown pre-existing conditions to rust and corrosion coverage and discounts on appliances, Cinch seems to have a 360 degree view to what makes consumers happy…even having an integration with Alexa!

Their major Built-in Systems plans cover air conditioning, heating, plumbing and electrical components. A Cinch Appliance Plan covers the items you use and cannot do without. A Complete Home plan gives you peace-of-mind because it covers both appliances and built-in systems. Cinch also offers you Cinch On-Demand. This unique program allows you to instantly schedule an appliance repair with a local, professional. This service is available in limited markets. There are some caps on coverage and you are advised to read their Terms and Conditions.

To get a quote all you need to do is go to their Get a Free Quote page on their website, input your zip code and choose a plan. To open a service request, visit the Cinch website.

best home warrranty

Total Protect: https://www.totalprotect.com/en_US/

TotalProtect Home Warranty is a product of Cinch Home Services. The company desires to eliminate any surprises or uncertainties about your covered items. When you receive service for your covered item, you pay a “low deductible”. They want to be “as open and accessible as possible”. The company is clear in their statement that they will not use “deceptive practices to try to deny your claim.”

As with the other home warranty companies, they are available to you 24/7 to open a service request. Their service representatives are in Florida and South Carolina. The company has more than 40,000 screened service providers in their network. Unlike other home warranty companies we’ve mentioned, service providers are graded through their Dynamic Vendor Rating℠ system. They also offer a first month free to you. You may request service after a 30 day waiting period.

The TPHW Appliances Plan covers unknown pre-existing conditions, rust and corrosion, refrigerators with built-in ice and water dispensers, cooktops and ranges, wall ovens, range exhaust hoods, built-in microwave ovens, built-in trash compactors, built-in dishwashers, clothes washers, clothes dryers, with optional coverage for pools and spas. The plan does not require an inspection and has no annual aggregate cap. Their Systems Plan covers all mechanical systems such as air conditioning, heating, water heaters, toilets, plumbing lines and stoppages, sump pumps, whirlpool baths, whole house fans, central vacuums, door bells, garage door openers, smoke detectors, main breaker / fuse panel box, interior electrical lines, and interior gas lines.If you want coverage for all your appliances and systems, TPHW offers a Combo Plan.

To open a request for service call their toll free number 800.474.4047 or visit their website my.totalprotect.com.

Home Warranty Q & A’s

  1. What’s the best home warranty company?
    The best home warranty company is one which covers exactly what you’d like to protect, and whose cost and Trade Service Call Fees fit your budget, and which has terms, prices and service contacts in your home’s location. They also have capable service call center staff ready to assist you and dispatch service technicians to fix your broken system promptly and don’t have a claims cap.
  2. What’s the best home warranty?
    Choose a home warranty that has precisely the coverage you need. Pay attention to which company has high ratings from satisfied customers, especially homeowners in your area. The best home warranty is one which is tailored to your needs and requirements. That may mean allowing you to pay your contract’s cost monthly if you prefer to do that and which has a service fee that fits your requirements.
  3. What’s the best home warranty program?
    The best home warranty program has many happy customers, great reviews, lower rate of complaints, super service-response times and is able to provide prompt assistance and repairs in your part of the country.
  4. What’s the best home warranty plan?
    There are many factors to determining which is the best home warranty plan. It’s critical to visit each candidate warranty company’s website to read their sample contracts, review what’s covered per the plan, understand what your responsibilities are and make sure that all the items you want covered are in the plan you select.
  5. What is the best home warranty insurance?
    Home warranty insurance is in actuality a service contract to contact and dispatch someone out to repair failures in appliances and systems due to normal wear and tear. The best home warranty insurance is a plan which you can afford, serves customers fairly and is upfront and clear about what you can expect.
  6. Who has the best home warranty coverage?
    Choose your home warranty coverage as you would a new car. Look for one which has the features and benefits you need, and no superfluous add-ons and which is rated highly by consumers. Your coverage ought to fit your needs, be affordable and include exactly the systems and appliances you want covered.
  7. Who has the best home warranty plan?
    Choosing the best home warranty plan means you have evaluated and listed which of your mechanical and built-in systems you may want protected as well as deciding which of your appliances you cannot do without if they break down, forcing you to find a trustworthy repair person. The best plan covers these services. And the best plan dispatches someone to fix your problem in a timely manner. Further, the best plan should have vetted, licensed and insured service providers on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  8. Who has the best home warranty program?
    Because every consumer’s needs may be different from another’s requirements, the best home warranty program for you is not the same as your neighbors. Take stock of what you need and which of the companies doing business in your area have high consumer satisfaction ratings, licensed and professional service technicians on call and who are available to when you need them.
  9. Which is the best home warranty company in California?
    In California home warranty companies are called Home Protection Companies and they must be licensed through the California Department of Insurance. Check the most recently updated list to see if the company you are considering is included. Then evaluate their coverage and terms of service to be certain that they meet your needs.
  10. Which is the best home warranty in Texas?
    In Texas, Residential Service Companies are those which offer home warranties and are licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Consult this list to learn which companies are doing business. Evaluate your choice of a home warranty provider based on satisfied consumer reviews, what’s covered and the limits of coverage and your responsibilities plus their ratings.
  11. Which is the best home warranty company in Florida?
    The State of Florida Division of Consumer Affairs says on their website, “A home warranty contract or agreement can be written by a Home Warranty Association who is licensed pursuant to Section 634.303, Florida Statutes, or by an authorized insurance company who is authorized to write this line of business.” It is important that you verify that the business you’re considering doing business with is licensed to serve citizens in Florida. Review your contract for the details of your coverage and make sure you understand exclusions or things which are not covered. Beyond this, be sure you get coverage for the systems and appliances you wish protected and understand your responsibilities under the contract.
  12. What is the best home warranty for HVAC?
    The best home warranty company for HVAC coverage is one which covers the type of system you have at a cost you can afford and which responds promptly to your calls and connects you to vetted, professional service technicians. A home warranty policy covers failure due to normal wear and tear so make certain that you understand what you must do to keep your system in good condition so your request for service will not be denied. Be aware if your HVAC system loses coolant, and has to be recharged, you may be required to pay the majority of that expense. Read all the terms and conditions of the warranty play you’re considering.
  13. What is the best home warranty for sellers?
    Sellers wishing to add benefits for buyers can purchase policies from a home warranty company that allows the service contract to be transferred to the buyer at the time of purchase of the home. Most of the seller home warranties last for a short period of time and the buyer may be able to extend the warranty. Visit a company’s website and review their seller terms and conditions and find out what you can expect to pay and what’s covered.
  14. What is the best home warranty for septic systems?
    The following companies we have reviewed offer coverage addons for septic systems. It is important that you carefully read what is covered and the limits of that coverage as each company have very specific, detailed limits of coverage for septic systems:
    ✦ All American Home Warranty (septic pump only)
    ✦ American Home Shield
    ✦ Choice Home Warranty
    ✦ Cinch Home Services
  15. What is the best home warranty for rental property?
    The home warranty companies we have evaluated extend contracts to properties which are leased to tenants. Choice Home Warranty, Cinch, American Home Shield provide coverage to rental properties as long as they are not commercial or multi-family. Do be aware that home warranty companies expect that if you are a landlord, you and or your tenants will swiftly and promptly notify them of issues. That being said, the best choice for you is one which offers a plan or combination of plans that provide service contracts for the systems and appliances you need covered.
  16. What is the best home warranty for older homes?
    Some home warranty companies, such as Total Protect, will not cover homes within listed historic districts or homes on the National Register of Historic Homes. Choice Home Warranty specifically says in their FAQs, “the age of a home or its systems and appliances does not matter. We cover items that are in good working condition and properly maintained.” American Home Shield advises you to choose a lower Trade Service Fee if you have older appliances and does not prevent owners of older homes from purchasing a warranty.
  17. What is the best home warranty for plumbing?
    All the home warranty companies we evaluated cover plumbing issues, though there are limits and exclusions. Some do not cover piping outside of the home and some require that you purchase special add-on coverage for septic systems. To decide which is best for you, read the contract and make sure the covered systems include plumbing and common plumbing breakage.
  18. What is the best home warranty for pools?
    Home warranty companies offer add-on coverage for pools and spas. They are not covered under their regular contracts. Visit the website of the company you are interested in and read their sample contract for pools and spas.
  19. What is the best home warranty for appliances?
    The best home warranty for appliances is one from a company licensed to do business in your state and which has good customer reviews. Secondly, choose one whose appliance plan includes all your major appliances. Choose the most coverage for the best rate and be sure that the appliances you wish covered are included.
  20. What is the best home warranty with no deductible?
    Home warranties don’t work like homeowners insurance. These plans are specialized service contracts where you prepay for repairs when a covered system or appliance experiences a failure due to normal wear and tear. Be advised that not all elements of a repair are covered. For example, if you have a loss of coolant in your HVAC company, some companies pay only a portion of the expense to recharge the system’s coolant. There is no deductible, though with most policies there is a waiting period after contracting a company for service. Most home warranty plans require that you pay a service fee when you initiate a call for service. So if you’re going to choose a home warranty company, select a company and plan based on coverage, expense, ratings and customer satisfaction.
  21. What is the best home warranty with pool coverage?
    If you want pool coverage included in your home warranty, you will be have to purchase an add-on. The best coverage for you will be the one which includes your pump and all the systems that run your pool and a plan which covers normal wear and tear issues.
  22. What is the best 1 year home warranty?
    Every home warranty is a plan for a year’s service with your initiation date usually 30 days from the date when you purchase coverage. Your contract for service may renew with your approval and acceptance after 12 months (a year). Most plans offer you the option to pay a single annual premium and some offer you the option to pay monthly for your coverage.
  23. What is the best home warranty roof coverage?
    Choice Home Warranty covers roof leaks in their warranties but with some limitations. Read their contract Section 6 to be sure that you understand what is included.
  24. What is the best home warranty when buying a house?
    When you purchase a home, you want a warranty plan that covers all your major systems and appliances. You also want a company that will treat you fairly and tell you upfront what is and is not included in your coverage. You want a company that responds promptly to you and includes 24/7 call service so you can request a service call night or day.
  25. Which are the best home warranty plans 2022?
    Of the plans we have reviewed, the one which shows up on the US News and World Report’s list of top home warranty plans is Choice Home Warranty. That being said, a company is only as good as YOUR experience with them. Choose your home warranty company based on their coverage for the systems and appliances you want covered: The ones you cannot do without when they break. Carefully review the plan’s limits of coverage, exclusions, and caps.
  26. What are the worst home warranty companies?
    Many companies offer home warranties, but not all are created equal. Some home warranty companies are known for being the worst in the business. Here is a list of the worst home warranty companies based on customer reviews and complaints:
    • American Home Shield: American Home Shield has been accused of being slow to respond to claims and providing subpar service.
    • First American Home Buyers Protection: First American Home Buyers Protection has been known to cancel policies without refunding
    • Patriot Home Service: Patriot Home Service has been accused of being unresponsive to customer complaints and providing shoddy quality.
  27. What is the Dave Ramsey Home Warranty Opinion?
    • Dave believes that a home warranty isn’t worth the cost vs. his standard save and pay cash philosophy.
  28. What is the best home warranty Philadelphia?
    Review the pluses and minuses on this review page of each of the top home warranty companies to make the right decision for you and your family. All of these companies are open for business in Pennsylvania.
  29. What is the best home warranty Philadelphia?
    Review the pluses and minuses on this review page of each of the top home warranty companies to make the right decision for you and your family. All of these companies are open for business in Pennsylvania.

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