The Process of Building Your New Home

As a premier home builder in Pulaski, Tennessee, as well as Lawrenceburg and Fayetteville, VolBuild, LLC has developed cost-effective processes that make building your new home a smooth and enjoyable experience. We use:

  • Proven construction techniques

  • Locally sourced building materials, and

  • A highly-skilled and readily available labor pool

All of these help us to differentiate ourselves as the home builder of choice in central Tennessee.

Phase 1 - Let’s have a conversation

Before we open the blueprints or rush off to get permits, we sit down at the table with you and discuss the vision you have developed for your new home. Of course, we are interested in the design of the house and the related construction issues associated with building it, but at the same time, we want to develop a partnership with you so that we move through the process as a team. We aren’t just contracting another house – we are building your home. Your total satisfaction is our number one priority.

Phase 2 – Open the blueprints and confirm the details

You’ve told us what your ultimate goals are for your new home, and now it’s time to meet the challenge of producing the finished product. This process has several steps. At this point, we:

  • Ensure that the site is cleared sufficiently to start building

  • Discuss how the home will sit on the lot

  • Any possible grading issues

  • Location of the driveway and

  • Determine if any covenants will restrict the building process

  • Locate water and sewer access

We will also review your blueprints in our first meeting. We are looking for:

  1. Any obvious structural issues that may have been missed on the blueprints

  2. Determine what building materials will need to be special-ordered that may delay the construction process

  3. Go over the blueprints room-by-room to make sure the floor plan is correct

  4. Briefly discuss interior and exterior finishes

  5. Give you an approximate start date if everything meets your expectations, and

  6. Briefly discuss your funding options for the project

Phase 3 – Produce a contract for your approval

We now have enough information to present you with a contract to start work. When we have our next meeting, we will be prepared to hand you a contract that will delineate:

  • A bottom-line price based on specifications in the contract

  • An estimated time-frame to complete the project -with allowances for weather and unforeseen delays

  • Any branded products (windows, doors, etc.) that are promised as part of the contract

  • Any agreed-upon changes to the blueprints before starting

  • The process for making changes to the contract as construction proceeds

Phase 4 – Build your home

Once you have approved the contract and funding is secured, VolBuild, LLC, will start the process of building your home. We arrange for everything from this point forward unless your signature is required as part of the process.

  • We order all the building materials (including special-order items approved in the contract)

  • Arrange for the building inspections at every stage needed

  • Ensure that the building site is kept safe and clean during construction and,

  • Maintain regular communications with you, so you know where we are on the timeline

VolBuild, LLC has earned the reputation in Pulaski, Lawrenceburg, and Fayetteville, Tennessee, as a premier general contractor in the residential construction industry by making sure that our customers are completely satisfied when we deliver their finished project. Let us build your dream home. Contact us at: 931-371-2258