Tips for a Stress-Free Home Building Process and What NOT To Do

Everyone has heard of the war stories that surround the home building process.

“The builder doesn’t listen to me.”

“The builder didn’t tell me about (fill in the blank).”

“I don’t think this builder is ever going to finish my home!”

And the list goes on…

Is it possible to build your new home without all of the unnecessary stress? YES!!! VolBuild, LLC has the proven experience to take you from blueprints to the certificate of occupancy – without the associated headaches that many builders with less experience bring to the job.

Have a Plan

Having a plan sounds simple, right? However, many folks that decide to build a new home, end up with a builder with little to no experience. And unfortunately, new builders may be relying on you, the homeowner, to have the plan. That is a no-win situation.

VolBuild, LLC starts the home building process by sitting down with you and going over everything you can expect to happen while your new home is being built.

  • You’ll have a timeline that shows a start and expected completion date (allowing for bad weather).

  • A contract with the costs delineated and contact phone numbers that will allow you to reach out whenever you have a question on the status of your new home.

You won’t have to lead VolBuild, LLC by the hand; they are professional builders.

Don’t trust your new home to a builder with less experience and no plan.

Make as Many Decisions as Possible Before Building Begins

There are many things to consider in order to meet the challenge of building a new home – especially if you intend to eliminate the stress. There are communication concerns, such as:

  • Who will be responsible for answering builder questions during the day?

  • Who will be available to go to the job site if necessary?

  • If you can’t monitor your phone all the time, can you set up a schedule to check for voicemail?

There will be decisions concerning the home itself:

  • How will the driveway approach your home?

  • Which direction will your home face?

  • Will you eventually have a garden or a playground area?

In addition, part of your planning should include:

  • Kitchen cabinet style and colors

  • Plumbing fixtures

  • Style of windows and doors

  • Flooring choices for each room.

These are just a few areas that, if given attention before starting construction, can save time and reduce stress for everyone.

VolBuild, LLC, will discuss all of these concerns with you before construction begins. The less experienced builder may not be aware that answering these questions is important until it’s too late.

Be Sure to Visit the Job Regularly

At the beginning of construction, while you are excited, you will find yourself visiting all the time. But as the project goes on and you get back into the regular swing of life, there will be a tendency to stop by job less frequently. There’s a reason for that. If the builder is doing a great job, you may not see the reason to stay in touch, but that can lead to problems that are difficult to resolve, especially as you get closer to finishing.


Even with the best of communications, there may be times when you and the builder thought you were on the same page, but in fact, you weren’t. Foggy understandings can lead to issues with door and window locations, room sizes, and other problems that will be a lot easier to fix if you visit the job regularly.

Remember, you and the builder are involved together in the process. The more often you communicate with each other, the smoother the project will proceed and the less stress will be developed.

VolBuild, LLC, wants to see you on the job site any time you can be there. They realize the importance of constant communication and are confident in their craft, so they have nothing to hide. Some builders may not feel the same way.

Agree How to Resolve Any Issues That Arise

No one wants to think that there will be issues to deal with during the home building process, but that is not realistic. Disagreements, if not dealt with properly, can have disastrous results. Inexperienced builders may not be familiar with contracts (even the one they have you sign) and not realize the full extent of their responsibility during the building process. If disagreements and misunderstandings are not handled calmly and maturely, the entire job may come to a stop; or you could find yourself looking for a new builder in the middle of the project.

Fortunately, VolBuild, LLC, has built over 100 new homes and has completed over 1,000 remodel projects in the Pulaski, Lawrenceburg, and Fayetteville, Tennessee area, so they know how to work out the “bugs” and keep the project moving forward – on time and on budget – and without stress.

Trust Your Builder

You know you need to visit the site often, but you want the security of knowing that when you are not there, your builder has your best interests in mind and will always err on your behalf. That’s the advantage of hiring a competent, experienced home builder like VolBuild, LLC. With over 25 years of combined experience in the residential construction industry, you can rest assured that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck in the tri-county area. Trust VolBuild, LLC, with your new home.

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